MS Blues Take 2

This past weekend I participated in the MS Blues Take 2. After 4 months of training and over 250 miles logged all in preparation for the big event, the MS Blues half marathon was canceled due to weather. A flash freeze turned much of Jackson into a skating rink. For the safety of all involved the race had to be canceled for the first time in 10 years. I was devastated. I don’t run for fun. I run for the bling (and because J loves to sign me up for races). For the beautiful beautiful medals. What was a girl to do? And just when hope was all but lost, a glimmer of hope appeared. A small group of runners organized the MS Blues Take 2. They plotted out a course, donated snacks, and handmade finisher’s medals.

The first few miles are the hardest for me. I begin questioning why I’m out there and thinking that it’s not too late to turn around and go home. Around mile 3 or 4, I got into my groove. Averaging around a 10 minute mile. Just chugging along like the little engine that could. Then around mile 8, I started slowing down. But then a sweet angel appeared. She asked if I had fuel, which I did. However, the Gatorade on my belt wasn’t doing me any good if I didn’t consume it. I was depleted and needed to be replenished. My sweet angel explained how she has the same problem of trying to push through on her own, but you have to supply your body with energy. 

She ran with me until I was back at my original pace. I managed to keep a steady pace until mile 12. Then I started walking. Another runner came along and had me run with her until we hit 13.2 miles.

Runners are an amazing group of people. They are so encouraging and uplifting to one another. They are like the Holy Spirit. Telling you when you need to refuel (read the Bible). Running with you when you think you can’t go any farther. Giving you an encouraging word when you are at your lowest. If ever you are feeling down, just sign up for a race. If all else fails at least you’ll get some bling. 

~ A


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