Salad Deal

J can tell you that I am slightly obsessed with the Fresh Market Meal Deals. Each week from Wednesday to Tuesday they offer a list of ingredients for $20 that will feed a family of 4 for 1 night. Sometimes I make the meal as presented and sometimes I like to just buy the ingredients and make as many dishes as I can.

This week’s deal was salad and the list of ingredients included: greens (I got the power greens mix of kale, chard, and spinach), veggie kit (mushrooms, cherry tomatoes, green bell peppers, and broccoli), chicken (shrimp or steak), shredded cheddar cheese (parmesan, feta, or blue cheese crumbles), sourdough bread, and mini strudels.

For breakfast I made frittatas by sautéing the vegetables from the veggie kit and some deer sausage I already had in the freezer in my mini cast iron skillet. Once the vegetables were soft, I added two scrambled eggs, stirred until the bottom was set, sprinkled some cheddar cheese on top and placed it under the broiler.

For lunch/dinner, I sautéed the greens with some red onion and a splash of lemon juice, cooked the chicken on the stove, and made garlic cheesy bread with the sourdough rolls.

I was quite pleased with how my dishes turned out and how easy it was for me to transform this week’s ingredients. Next week’s meal is stir fry. I have yet to come up with any creative ideas to transform that meal, but if you do let me know.

~ A


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