I’ve struggled with my weight for a LONG time. My weight yoyo’d for years and since I’ve graduated from high school gained about 85 pounds. So I would embark on journeys to lose weight but inevitably I would always fall back and give up. I played sports from when I was 5 until I graduated high school so exercising wasn’t a stumbling block. For my I struggled with my food. I would go on really restrictive diets and then crash and burn at the first taste of sugar. Or I’d be upset one day and eat a box of Little Debbie’s. After my binge I would be so disappointed in myself but I found it happening again and again. I couldn’t figure it out. 

Finally, it dawned on me. I was trying to fulfill emotional needs with food. Food would soothe the emptiness temporarily but then my blood sugar dropped and I was back where I started and feeling gross from overeating. I know my story is not unique. There are so many people who struggle with sugar addiction and gluttony. Here’s what I’ve learned over time. Your weight loss struggle is not a physical battle even though it appears so. This battle is spiritual. Do you commit the sin of overindulgence, gluttony, and laziness or do you discipline your mouth and your body? Having this revelation doesn’t make the battle any easier. However, it showed me the step I was missing. Giving my weight and health to God and consulting His Word for guidance and strength. Since I’ve taken this approach I’ve been much more successful and consistent in weight loss. Still, I’m always willing grateful to accept assistance more help in this journey and from those who’ve been there. This is why I’m so excited about the book Full by Asheritah Ciucu. 

She is an awesome Christian author and blogger. I stumbled across her blog a few years ago and was immediately taken with how honest she was and most importantly how much she loved and lived for Jesus. Her book Full tackles the very issue I’ve discussed in this post and the solution – finding fullness and fulfillment in Christ instead of food. The book will be officially released Jan 3, 2017 and I’ll be back with a review shortly after. I also hope to be able to do a book discussion about the book. Would you be interested in doing an online discussion and study of the book? Let me know in the comments below. Learn more at http://www.thefull.life or preorder at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, or Books-a-Million.


Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas from A+J. We know we’ve been MIA. 
From A:

Once again my sister has me signed up for a half marathon. I refuse to do a full marathon. I’m only half crazy. The race is Jan 7, so I need to train. I don’t have time for excuses. Like the rain that started this morning 2 minutes into my run. Now what? My elliptical is on the fritz, so to the gym it is. But once I drive all the way there and factoring in drive time back to my house I will only have 30 minutes to run. 30 minutes is better than nothing. 

It would of been so easy to go back home and use the rain as an excuse. Just like we’ve used excuses all year not to keep up with this blog. Maybe we were too ambitious. Maybe I won’t be fully prepared for this race. But we have to adapt and roll with the punches. We limited ourselves the first go round. But this time we will loosen the reigns on ourselves. So what if it is raining? So what if it is Wednesday and we don’t have a post ready about food? Life goes on and so will this blog. 

From J:

Christmas is a time when we come together and fellowship with friends and family. For me it’s also a day of reflection. It’s when I consider the past year and how I want to go forward. I do this because this day represents when Christ came to earth to die for my sins. So on this day I set aside time to think about His sacrifice and how I can glorify Him. I believe in this blog and I believe it will be used for His glory. So we recommit. We’re here and we’re not going anywhere. No more procrastination. We’re back today. 


A & J